360 altered reality music video

music video still in post-production

Creative Direction
Project Manager
Mechanical Engineering

360 Music video for "Wreckless" by Whiskey Shivers

The voice in "Wreckless" tells the story of reality slowly spinning out of control in the aftermath of a difficult breakup. So for the music video, we built a motorized spinning living room capable of reaching 40rpm (2.5g's of outward force) with a 360 camera rig in the middle. Over the course of the video the rules of reality start to bend as the room spins faster and everything inside fights to maintain its stability, until finally the top blows off and the room destroys itself.

The stage design included:

  • a removable 12ft x 12ft room with a ceiling
  • rotating steel frame capable of supporting 6 rowdy band members
  • 3hp AC motor and speed controller
  • disc brake system
  • anti-vibration 360 camera rig mount