algorithmic design and fabrication


Generative Design
Wood Fabrication

Done while at the Autodesk AiR program.

This project is an initial exploration of how to utilize parametric CAD models to auto-generate molds, fixtures, and parts for fabrication techniques that don't have as clear a pathway from the digital to physical world as 3D printing.

This automation is intended to be a proof of concept for a larger system that enables generative design techniques common in digital graphics and 3D printing to be used in conjunction with other fabrication methods.

The completed "model" takes as input several parameters for the headband, such as key head size dimensions, desired number of lamination layers, and general contours of the headband.  Using empirically-determined equations taking into account nuances of the fabrication process (like lamination springback), it auto-generates the wood lamination profiles for laser cutting, and mold cut files for the ShopBot.

Instructable - Outie Headphones: Parametric Wood Lamination

Instructable - Outie Headphones: Overall + Electronics